Panino Perfection

25 Aug Panino Perfection

I had spent a small fortune on pre-made Panini before discovering the fresh-to-order Alimentari sandwich. An Alimentari itself is a classic Italian business, a small grocery store carrying most food products, meats, cheeses, maybe some produce, fresh pasta, canned goods, etc. If you see a wall of meats and cheeses, look around for some bread rolls, and that particular Alimentari may be in the panino makin’ business.

An alimentari will charge you for each ingredient by weight, add them up, and put them on your bread of choice (which is also weighed). Even if you only have a couple euros, you could probably put together a simple sandwich at an Alimentari when the cheapest pre-made panino in a café would be 3,50.

Going to the Alimentari is a great way to practice your Italian, interact with locals, and try new foods! Ask the person making your panino to recommend a nice cheese to go with your two slices of prosciutto. Or ask for their favorite panino combo. Only in my last semester did I finally find my favorite panino, Bresaola & Ricotta, after asking Fabio my deli guy for HIS favorite meat and cheese combination.

Advantages of Alimentari Panini

  • Generally less expensive than pre-made
  • REALLY Have it your way.
  • All ingredients fresh cut, meats, cheeses, etc
  • Practice your Italian with the workers and interact with locals

Pre-made Panini have likely been sitting in the case for hours, Italian food is all about freshness! Reach out to your local alimentari for good food, future friends, and a less expensive way to eat what you want!

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